Need some clarifications? Let’s see if these help

What is Táṣẹ́rẹ́ Loan?

It is simply cash that you can borrow and pay back without inconveniencing yourself.

What can I use my Táṣẹ́rẹ́ Loan for?

Cash emergencies by their nature do not give notices, this is what we are out to help you out with

Am I qualified to apply for a Táṣẹ́rẹ́ Loan?

If you are a Nigerian, make an evidently regular income and you are between the age of 18 and 65 years, you are certainly qualified to apply.

How do I apply?

Click on Apply Now anywhere on our website

How much loan can I take?

This is guided by multiple risk factors around your request. Your regular income, indebtedness to other lenders, spending habit on your account e.t.c all play some roles in determining how much our underwriter will approve for you. The general rule of the thumb is not having more than 30% of your net income for loan servicing.

We are waiting to process your loan

How long can I repay for?

We are a short-term lender, we currently do not go above 4 months tenor, but we stretch up to 6 months on special consideration only.

Is there any upfront processing fees?

We do not charge processing fees

What is the interest rate?

Always variable, moderate, competitive and affordable, you will find it on your offer letter before acceptance

Do you charge compound interest, flat interest or reducing balance?

Transparency and ease are foremost in our philosophy. Our interest is charged on a reducing balance basis, but amortised to enable you to have a fixed repayment amount periodically. When you compare our repayment amount over time with those of lenders who sometimes claim to charge lower interests, you find that we are actually more affordable

Is Táṣẹ́rẹ́ Loan instant cash?

No, we are not, but we endeavour to be quick.

Can I choose any bank account for my disbursement?

We disburse into the primary account submitted with your application

We are waiting to process your loan

Do I need any documents?

Yes, a valid government issued means of identification, proof of address (utility bill) within 3 months validity and your face picture.

How do I send documents to you?

A unique link is sent to you via mail, simply click on the link to upload your documents

I’m having problems with uploading documents

Ensure that the documents are not above the recommended file size limit and that your files are stored in a local folder on your device/computer. Attempts to upload from an online drive storage application will not work

What if I default or delay my repayment?

Communication is important when you find yourself in a situation of default, but when the default is deliberate and there is unwillingness to make repayments, we may handle it as fraudulent intent

What collateral am I giving you?