If you need cash quickly, cash that you can pay back without inconveniencing yourself, cash that is not so significant to your pocket, but is about to bring embarrassments, you have a reason to talk to us at Tasere Loan.

The word “táṣẹ́rẹ́” is a Yorùbá word that typically means “small” or “minimal”. Some people even call it “táṣọ́rẹ́” as a dialectal variant. We cannot break it down to ta-sẹ́rẹ́ or any other smaller units. It’s what it is: táṣẹ́rẹ́ — like bíntín or kínkín or ṣókí. With the sounds they make, they give us an idea of the ideas they describe. Yorùbá is often like that — I guess like with many other languages — in its use of sounds to convey the idea of size and sensibility.

— Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún, writer and linguist.

You have liberty to apply for any amount of cash, our decisions on what to lend to you derived from the word “tasere”, we lend to people, what is minimal to them and will not inconvenience them. We do not place restrictions; if hundreds of thousands is táṣẹ́rẹ́ to you, we will give you and if it is millions, we will still give you. Our principle is all about granting you an amount, that its repayment will not choke your finances.

Your collateral is your integrity, we do not give you hassles, we do not ask for too many requirements, we just want you to give correct information to us any time we ask for one.

Our Vision

We want to remain your most reliable quick cash lender.

Our Mission

We take your integrity as your collateral and rely on your financial records presented to us, to take decisions on what amount is minimal to you. We qualify you only for an amount that its repayment will not choke you. We keep the requirements as basic as possible, in order to accommodate anyone who could potentially face financial embarrassments.

Core Values

We have promised ourselves to stay SHARP in order to deliver excellently.


Timelines matters to us, we add speed to whatever we do, because we understand that you need help fast.


Our dealings with you have a bedrock of honesty, you and us just have to be truthful at all times.


We are good listeners, we give our full attention to all that we do, it is always all about our people and that includes you.


Every time you call on us, we are available to respond to you.


We solve problems, we do not give up, we do not get tired, we keep working until we make a success of the situation.