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What we do

We solve money problems; we save you from financial embarrassments. You need just táṣẹ́rẹ́ sums of money to resolve most problems and that's just what we provide for your use, while you pay us back over a period of time.


A diligent worker deserves comfort, you shouldn't let unnecessary financial strains to distract you, just take a táṣẹ́rẹ́ sum whenever you need it and let your future income take care of the repayments.

Self Employed

You run your own business, but have quick cash needs, táṣẹ́rẹ́ is all that you need to save the day. We understand with you that your income may not be structured and therefore, already have plans for you, we do not ask too much questions too

Our Approach

We are 100% technology driven, our processes are digitized, but our approach to lending is still very much conventional, our decisions are based on the 5Cs of Lending; Character, Capacity, Condition, Capital, and Collateral.


We rely on the information and documents that you have provided us with to test your intent to repay. The more consistent, reliable and valid they are, the higher your chances with us are.


From your financial history, we are able to tell the right amount that is convenient for you to repay. Debt is not meant to be a burden on you.


When making our decisions, we assess multiple risk factors such as economic, social, political, environmental e.t.c, to help us to mitigate pitfalls that may lead to loan default in future.


Your loan needs are private to you, but we right size it for your convenience.


This is Zero and we mean it.

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